Sushi Moto


Japanese, Sushi Bars

Price Range : $11-30 ($$)

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Adress: 1360 US Hwy 95A Ste 1, Fernley, NV 89408

Phone: (775) 575-6672

Work Hours

Mon 11:30 am-9:00 pm
Tue 11:30 am-9:00 pm
Wed 11:30 am-9:00 pm
Thu 11:30 am-9:00 pm
Fri 11:30 am-9:00 pm
Sat 11:30 am-9:00 pm

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  • J. P.

    star star star star star_border 12 April 2021

    I've been here three times over the past three years and the sushi has always been good.

    On my most recent visit the food was still good but the service was subpar.

    The sushi trickled out as slow as molasses on a cold January day, and the waitress was not very attentive to take orders and to retrieve the sushi when it was ready to be delivered.

    Often, when the sushi was (finally) done, it would sit there, cold and lonely while the waitress (who was also doubling as the cashier and tripling as the hostess, who--when not busy with other tasks--was navel gazing) would not even notice the sushi sitting there waiting to be served.

    Like I said, the food is good, and I will definitely eat here again, but the service could use some help.

  • Nans'e L.

    star star_border star_border star_border star_border 7 April 2021

    Went to have all you can eat in here . The tuna they served didn't taste fresh.  But they said they have to charge it ignoring the whole situation . How can you eat something that you don't feel healthy, specially raw fish. I understand business owner trying to protect themselves from greedy customer .

    So you better be care ordering the all you can eat here. Unless it would become very expensive meal . Check out the receipt . Additional 8 Dollar + 3 dollar=11 dollar  for leftover .

  • Chris M.

    star star star_border star_border star_border 5 April 2021

    Don't know where to start. 2 stars is generous. Should be zero.

    Ordered some basics.

    Miso soup. Terrible.  Like it came from a can.

    Tekka maki. Pic included. Worst rice I've ever ate. Tuna was super slimy. Everything tasted rotten. I judge most places from Tekka maki like won ton soup at a Chinese restaurant.  

    Chicken teriyaki. No words to describe. Chicken was rough. Bad flavor. Had to be frozen and shredded feel. I couldn't eat half my plate. Rice had a little worm in it. What is that lettuce?  It wasn't a salad with dressing.

    Lastly. Sorry but all Caucasian chefs from the sushi table to the cooks = poor training or something entirely else. This place has a lot of promise but no standards. Will never eat here again under any circumstances. It was that bad.

    Try any other place to eat.

  • Troy C.

    star star_border star_border star_border star_border 5 April 2021

    Sushi Moto I will not be returning! As a customer, I didnt appreciate how the whole situation went down. This is the whole visit in a eggshell.

    When arriving to the establishment there was My Wife and I, plus two of our coworkers. Walking in we were told "No" when it came to us sitting at the bar, there was plenty of room but the waitress said we were to wait for a table so while having to wait for something that clearly is not necessary seeing there was opening for what we had asked for. So after 20min we were then seated and told the waitress that we all are doing the All-you-can-eat. She then took our drink orders an then dropped off the food list an as we started to check off items we had about 10 items marked she came by dropped off the drinks an grabbed the sheet without giving us another.

    15min goes by and we receive like 3 items, and then we finished those in 5min then sat waiting for another 20 min for 4 more items to show up. Now! With all this happening a couple showed up next to us and ordered from the AYCE menu as well an about 15min-30min went by and still no food, we asked the waitress about the missing items an she writes down what we are missing and says "I'll have those right out" now when this happens we ended up getting 2 more items from our first order sheet an prior to the waitress asking us we handed her another sheet with more rolls and food.

    Now seeing us just sitting around with no food, still we ended up getting 2 items from our 2nd sheet where we had about 9 items on now with all this going on i was still missing my roll from our first order and my 5 quail egg shooters i ordered an still nothing. The table across the way of the couple whom showed up after us already a table full of food. Why is that? Shouldn't the guys be going in order?

    Well by this time, we were already thinking about just leaving the place after being told your food is coming! That was an hour ago an we had other plans so we should've already been home but we weren't we were being skipped and why? Unsure why so when the main waitress walked by I stopped her and asked the following..

    "Excuse me, I dont mean to be rude but where's our food? I mean it's been 2hrs an I still am missing a few items from my first sheet as well as my 2nd, we barely have gotten refills too!! This is bull" I'm sorry for the inconvenience an shes giggling in the process and I'm like it's not funny! She then tells me, "I'll give you guys a discount when you leave I'm sorry" so after about 10-15 min of waiting to see if food was coming we decided to get up and leave so as we are heading out the waitress then stops us an says where you going they making yours right now! Sorry but this is ridiculous an we are done.

    So she asked if we would like the food to go, "I simply said, no I dont feel like waiting longer as we were almost there for about 2hrs and 40min an barely had any food. She rings us up my wife an I up an says the total an I was like "what about the discount you said you'd give us?" She says oh yeah I took $3 off your check! Wow! I paid nearly $50 for slow to no service and barely got any food.

    Our coworkers got no discount, no apologize as we were leaving I was hungry,  ticked off,  and most importantly was sure that this was clearly my last time ever coming here.

    The food was okay when we got it,  they tend to use an overly excessive amounts of rice,  and barely any meat in their rolls.  I love the quail eggs,  miso soup is okay but needs work.  

    Staffing could use some improvements big time!

    Not recommending this location,  if you want better food and service I would highly recommend heading into Reno/Sparks for your sushi needs. The management here clearly didn't take tonight service well,  but they did take alot of money tho.

    If I could have scored this location with no stars,  I would've.  This is all my opinion and my experience there.

  • Eric A.

    star star star_border star_border star_border 27 March 2021

    Unfortunately... The service was great, the food was out quick, but there was literally no fish in the sushi.. it was almost sad. I couldn't look at the chefs midway through. The flavor of the rice was good, but we likely won't be back due how expensive all the rice was...

    Seriously though, I'm really disappointed. Presentation was great, everyone was nice, the music was perfect, the sushi just didn't have fish.

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